Tips on keeping tires safe in summer

Tips on keeping tires safe in summer

Avoid accidents by keeping a regular maintenance schedule

Extreme heat can increase the wear and tear of the vehicle body, engine, brakes and tires. Simple precautions before hitting the road this summer will keep trips safe and enjoyable.

• Proper inspection – The heat from the road may lead to accidents when the tires have cracks, bubbles or bald spots. Old/worn shock absorbers also cause faster tire damage. Inspect tires, including spare, before every ride.

• Tire pressure – For a temperature change of around 10 degrees, the tire pressure also changes, either plus or minus 1 PSI. Underinflation leads to blowouts when exposed to high temperature, while overinflation reduces tire friction.

• Tread depth – It is an indicator of tire life. Checking the tread depth ensures that the tire is in good condition. Change tires when the depth reaches 3mm.

• Cold inflation pressure – This is the pressure of a car tire that has been in rest for at least three hours. Remember to maintain correct cold inflation pressure.

• Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) – This is a good option to track loss of inflation pressure, but you still have to conduct gauge pressure check once a month.

• Tire alignment – If your vehicle drifts or if the steering wheel vibrates when driving straight, have your tire balance and tire alignment checked by professionals.

Keep in mind to visit an authorised car service centre every time for services and repairs.

Handy Hints:

• Inspect your car before each drive to ensure safety

• Check tire tread depth and replace if necessary

• Check if tire pressure and alignment are correct

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Source: Asha Das, Special to Classifieds

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