The pros and cons of stick shift vs. automatic car

The pros and cons of stick shift vs. automatic car

Know the pros and cons of both before parting with your cash

If you are about to invest in your own car, the first decision you would have to make is between manual and automatic transmission. It is important to educate yourself beforehand on the pros and cons of both.

For getting around from point A to point B, an automatic vehicle is the best option. It is smooth to drive and there is no turmoil of constant gear changing or clutch control, especially in the zipping traffic of UAE roads. Learners also find it easier to drive automatic vehicles due to their simplicity.

Automatic vehicles are more complicated; hence, any fault or malfunction will be more time-consuming and costlier to repair. Due to their advanced technology, they also need frequent servicing than manual vehicles.

Manual vehicles are cheaper to maintain than automatic transmission cars because they provide more fuel economy than automatic cars. The engine oil used in manual cars does not deteriorate as fast as in automatic gears; thus, it does not need to be changed frequently.

Some cars use the continuously variable transmission (CVT), a type of automatic transmission that provides more usable power with varying engine speed as needed using gear control for maximum fuel efficiency.

Automatic vehicles are viewed safer as they are easy to maneuver especially in traffic jams. But there are many who love the control they can exert on a manual vehicle.

Handy Hints:

• Automatic cars are more advanced, costlier to repair

• Manual vehicles offer more fuel efficiency, cheaper

• Some vehicle engines have CVT for fuel efficiency

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Source: Zenifer Khaleel, Special to Classifieds

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