A glimpse on emergency road assistance

A glimpse on emergency road assistance

Review the fine print to check the full coverage of your plan

One of the most complicated pieces of machinery is a vehicle. Anything can happen to it while on the road, and the UAE is one place where ''lives'' of vehicles are pushed to their limits.

Good thing there is emergency roadside assistance. As the name implies, it offers motorists complete service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Assistance is provided for breakdowns in case of a fuel shortage, a flat tyre or a dead battery.

Roadside assistance is part of an annual service option that is paid like an insurance premium. Consumers look for well-trained customer-focused service agents who handle their concerns most especially when they need emergency recovery service or as simple as a flat tire change.

Aside from the aforementioned services, some exclusive providers also cover travel interruption expenses that include meal, lodging and transportation fees in the event that your vehicle needs to be repaired for several days. There is also an option of being reimbursed a portion of the waylaid amount used while the vehicle is in tow for repair.

Vehicle owners are advised to review and understand the fine print of their road assistance plan to check what the coverage includes. Some services are only limited to specific emirates while others cover the entire country.

Handy Hints:

• Assistance is available within at least 45 minutes

• They jump start cars, change tyres/dead batteries

• They also tow vehicles if there is machine failure

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Source: Cleofi-Krista Capili, Special to Classifieds

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