GNCars Frequently Asked Questions

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What browsers are supported by this application?
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 & 7 for Windows XP
• Mozilla Firefox 3.0 for Windows XP
• Mozilla Firefox 3.0 for OS X
• Safari 3.0 for Windows XP
• Safari 3.0 for OS X

Is it required that I create an account in order to use this site?
No account is required to search for listings, but in order to post listings and set up saved searches and alerts, it is required to have an account.

How do I create an account??
• Click on the Log-in/Register tab and you will be redirected to the Sign-up form.
• Complete all required fields and click on Continue.
• Once the form is duly completed, you will receive a sms on your mobile giving you a code to activate your account.
• Once this code is correctly entered & validated by you, your account is created.
• If you do not receive a sms within minutes, click on the link “click here’ to have it resent to you.

How do I change my contact information or reset my password on my account?
• Sign into your account using your current email and password.
• Click on the My Account button. You will be directed to the Account Information page.
• You may change your contact information and password on this page.
• Changes are applied once Save is selected.

How can I cancel my account?
You may contact us at support email support@gncars.com to have your account disabled. We do not delete accounts in case a user wants to reactivate their account

I am having trouble signing in. What should I do?
• You might have forgotten your password. Select the 'Forgot your password' link.
• A system generated password will be sent to the email address associated with the account
• You may change your password at any time after successfully logging in.
• If you are still having trouble signing in please contact us at support email support@gncars.com

How do I find the car I am looking for?
• Go to Search Cars tab.
• Select Browse for new, used and certified cars.
• Use Advance Search for searching by make, model, year, body style, mileage, etc
• You may also choose the Configurator Tool to build a new vehicle.
• After conducting a search, the criteria from that search may be saved and accessible through Saved Searches (see Saved Searches section).
• Saved Searches can be set with email alerts that automatically send updates on available vehicles that meet your criteria.

How do I get my desired results in my search ?
• Remove or broaden some of the conditions of your search.
• Extend your search radius.
• Leave least desirable criteria blank.
• Try Browse Autos feature. Select Body Style and available Makes/Models.
• Try the Vehicle Configurator to build a new car and request a quote.

How do i contact a seller?
• A seller's contact information is generally included with each ad.
• If the contact number is not available, you may click the contact button visible next to the image in the ad details page.
• If the contact number is not available, you may click the contact button visible next to the image in the ad details page.

How do I find buyers for my car?
By posting your ad online you are exposing your vehicle to a wide audience of potential buyers. The details of your ad appear on a full page that includes your ad contact information and a seller contact form. This gives potential buyers an easy method for contacting you. To draw more attention to your ad, include one of our ad upgrades available during the ad posting process.

Saved Searches and Alerts
What is a Saved Search?
To save time, you can save your search and when you return to the site, login and run the search. You can specify to have a Saved Search sent to you as an “Alert.”

How do I save a search?
• To save a search, you first need to create an account / log-in.
• Then search for the criteria you are interested in.
• Once you have run the search, click the button labelled “Save Search” at the top of the search results page.
• Once you have done that, you will be prompted to name your search & elect to have the search sent to you as an Alert email, either daily or weekly.
• Save the search.

How do I change the settings in my Saved Searches?
• Go to Saved Searches page (Saved Searches button)
• Select Saved Search
• Select icon to modify Saved Search
• On full search form, change or edit information previously entered.
• Select Save to complete the change.

How do I turn off a Saved Search alert?
• Click on My Tools tab on the menu bar.
• Go to Saved Searches
• Select the specific Saved Search
• Select [x] icon to delete the associated alert.
• Deleting alerts does not delete the search, only the associated alert. To reactivate the alert select the search, click on the edit icon and edit accordingly.

Why am I not receiving Alert emails?
Alert emails are only sent when listings matching your search criteria are found. Sometimes, it may be that you need to expand the criteria of your search or it could just mean there are no listings currently available that match your criteria. We recommend running a search on the front end to verify that there are no listings. It also may be that your email is filtering on potential spam, so you may want to check your spam, junk or deleted folders.

Placing an Ad
How do I place an Ad?
• You will have to create an account in order to place an ad.
• Click on “Place an Ad” link or button seen on the home page.
• Select the desired package or product you wish to buy from the available options on the rate card
• Click on buy now.
• Fill up the “Create listing” form as indicated.
• Enter label (ad title) & additional information, if any, to add value to your listing/ad.
• Also fill up the Contact information and Vehicle location which is important for the interested party to contact you.
• Continue to either Add Photos or Skip Photos
• Click on preview, if required.
• Save your ad.
• To attract better response to your ad, chose one or more of the available upgrades. Select the checkbox next to the upgrades you wish to purchase.

How can I upload a photo?
• After completing Create Listing form, click on Continue to Add Photos.
• Click on “Upload Photo” button.
• Then click the Add Photo button which will lead you to your documents in your personal drive
• Select the required photo/s from your personal drive and click upload.
• You may add up to 15 total photos.
• The first photo uploaded by you will be the first one viewed in your ad listing and will appear in the search results.

What size photos can I upload?
• We support the following file types: JPG, JPEG, and GIF.
• TIP: to check if the image is in any of these formats review the file name. The end of the name should read .gif .jpg or .jpeg.
• Size 640x480 is recommended for best results. We will resize and optimize all images for presentation and load speed.
• Large image files may cause some uploading issues. File size of less than 100Kb is best for slow internet connections.

How can I edit my Ad?
• Go to My Tools
• Select My Listings
• Select the ad that needs to be edited
• Click on the edit icon
• Make changes
• Preview by selecting the preview icon
• If satisfied, select Save

What is the difference between 'Posted' and 'Pending' Ads?
Posted ads are live on the site and available for buyers to search and browse. Pending ads are not viewable to buyers, only to the originating seller. To complete the transaction process, select the Checkout button. Proceed to the Checkout page and select payment method. Once processed, your ad status will change from Pending to Posted and will be scheduled for the next available upload.

I keep getting 'Error Processing Transaction' page. What does that mean?
If inaccurate billing information is submitted an error message "Error Processing Transaction" will be generated. Select the Click Here link to modify your information link to change the information.

Why is my listing not generating enough response?
Make sure that your listing has all the key information e.g. make, model, year, mileage etc. Also, check if the price quoted by you is as per market trend. Most importantly, make sure that your listing has photos associated to it. Users are more likely to click on listings with photos. If you are still not getting the response you want, you may consider upgrading your listing which will give it more visibility, and hence a better response.

How can I discontinue my listing but still have days left?
• Click on “My Tools” tab.
• Click on “Manage My Listings".
• This will give you a list of all active listings.
• Select the listing you want to discontinue and select “delete”.
• It will be discontinued within the hour.

How can I find a Dealer?
• Go to Dealer Directory.
• Enter required criteria.
• Click on Find Dealer.

How can I research specific vehicle brands?
• Go to New Car Guide.
• Go to Research Centre.
• Search with required criteria.
• Contact the dealer through the Dealership link.

How can I compare vehicles?
Use the Comparator to compare multiple features, advantages and photos of up to 9 vehicles.
• Go to New Car Guide
• Go to Compare Vehicles
• Search with required criteria
• More than 3 vehicles may be chosen to compare, though the Comparator uses only the vehicles in positions 1, 2 and 3. To change the ranking, drag and drop the appropriate photo from the entire selection and place in position 1, 2 or 3.