Car rental tips: compare car rental vs buying one in UAE

Renting vs buying your vehicle

Consider the benefits of renting a car before buying one

There are numerous advantages of renting to buying one, if you plan on living in the UAE for just a few years. Of course, if you buy a car, you’ll almost definitely get some return on your investment if and when you decide to sell it later on. But you might find a car rental compare useful to consider the benefits of renting a car before deciding to purchase one.

First of all, you don’t have to spend a large sum of money intially. If things don’t work out as planned, you’ll have one thing less to worry about, when you leave. You won’t have to pay for maintenance or repair fees, which can add up to enormous amounts if you have an old car. If the car breaks down or crashes in an accident, the company you’ve rented your vehicle from will cover all insurance costs and immediately provide a replacement.

If you do make a decision to rent one, bear in mind that you can still save yourself a lot of money by making sure you get the best rental deal. Get car rental tips about which rental companies come highly recommended. Friends, family and colleagues who have rented will be able to give you car rental tips about the quality of their vehicles, how helpful the company is in emergencies, and whether or not they include hidden charges or administrative costs. If you do decide to rent, you can still negotiate terms and rates. Some would even give you a discount on the model you want or upgrade you for free.

Handy Hints:

• You won’t have to pay for maintenance or repair

• Do away with the financial burden of downpayment

• Negotiate rates and look out for hidden charges

Source: Helen Elfer, Special to Classifieds
The writer is a freelancer