Limousine and chauffeur services

Limousine and chauffeur services

Ensure the firm whose services you avail of has a solid reputation

Dubai is synonymous with great service, opulence and luxury. A traveler’s dream destination, it also caters to residents’ each and every whim. Services such as hiring a maid, hiring someone to do your errands and even take you everywhere on a guided joyride (read: chauffeur-driven luxury) are everyday matters.

There are numerous companies offering limousine and chauffeur services. The foremost consideration is the reputation of the company. Find out how many years a car company has been in operation. Does it carry a client list or database? If so, are there testimonials? Ensure the company whose services you hire has a solid reputation.

It is also important to examine the skills and expertise of the driver/chauffeur to know you are in safe hands. Check forums/social media for any comments about the driver and the company. The car you will be hiring is an equally important factor. Ascertain its condition and see how it has been maintained. Ask about the vehicle model. If you are paying good money for luxury service, you are entitled to pick and choose.

In the end, it all boils down to cost and the best advice is not to go too low. If you are looking for class, it is wise to spend extra bucks to avoid disappointment.

Limosine and chauffeur services offered by companies such as Dana Limousine come in many packages ranging from top luxury, luxury, top business to business. Rates for a chauffeur-driven limousine usually start from around Dh80 per hour for minimum three hours. It is up to you to decide what category you fit in and why you need a chauffeur or a limousine service – for airport transfers, sightseeing, corporate tours, etc.

Handy Hints
• Check the reputation of the car firm before booking
• Make it a point to examine the condition of the car
• When it comes to luxury cost, do not go too low

Source: Sabin Mezaffar, Special to Classifieds, The writer is a freelancer