A glimpse on choosing your ride for hire in the UAE

A glimpse on choosing your ride for hire in the UAE

Country is rife with rental firms offering varying fleets of vehicles

Some people ditch their cars for mass transit like the Metro because they find that weaving into the UAE traffic to work every day is no longer a wise idea. However, should the need arise (e.g. family visiting, going out of town for a staycation or business trip), renting a vehicle is considered the quickest solution to get to one's destination. It also proves light on the pocket, and is an excellent way for tourists to see the city.

From the capital to the northern emirates, the UAE is rife with companies offering car rental services for personal or business use. One can choose from a bevy of offerings, from budget to the luxurious, with or without a driver, depending on one's preference. There are sedans, 4WDs, luxury and sports cars, and even limousines for use in weddings, or when you wish to go around the city with friends during special occasions. The rental vehicles can be rented for a day, weeks, months… even years! And rental companies usually offer special rates for long-term leasing, and deliver and collect the vehicles within city limits for free.

Generally, in the UAE, the person renting a car must be at least 21 years old, have a valid driving license and have driven for a minimum of a year. He also needs to submit copies of his passport/ID, driver's license and residence visa. Furthermore, rent-a-car companies also require a security deposit, which will be given back to the renter in the absence of traffic fines.

Rents vary according to the rental duration and the car model, with the cheapest at less than Dh100 per day.

Handy Hints:

• Rental vehicles range from budget to luxurious

• They can be rented for a day or even long term

• Renters must be at least 21 years with valid D/L

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Source: Ellen Joyce Soriano, Special to Classifieds

The writer is a freelancer