Tips on maintaining the turbo engine

Tips on maintaining the turbo engine

Follow some easy steps to keep it functioning for long

A staggering number of European vehicles in the UAE come with turbocharged engines, with the biggest players being Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW and Volkswagen.

A turbocharger is a small induction device that forces extra air into an engine's combustion chamber to increase power and efficiency. It is driven by a turbine that notches up an engine's output while driving. Compared to a regular engine, a turbo engine is more fuel efficient.

Undeniably, the efficiency of a turbocharger wears off with age, mileage and usage, but you can lengthen its life with a few inexpensive actions.

Turbo units roar into life only when oil gushes into their system. Since regular engine oil is lubricating the turbo, keep the car idle for one minute before setting off. On cold days, the oil needs to heat up a little more, so the idle time must be three minutes after turning the ignition on.

Although it is not mandatory to drive slowly in the first few minutes, it would be good not to rev up the rpm during these initial moments. Accelerating steadily helps the high-speed rotating charger function at an optimum level. After curbing to a stop, let the engine cool down by leaving it idle for a minute before turning the ignition off.

Purging the air from the oil system when having the vehicle serviced ensures the turbo keeps ticking smoothly. Using high-grade engine oil also safeguards the turbo from friction, wear and contamination.

Handy Hints:

• Turbo engines are more powerful and fuel efficient

• Keep the car idle for a while after turning ignition on

• Only use high-grade oil to keep the turbo 'healthy'

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Source: Nandakumar Ganesh, Special to Classifieds

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