Importance of vehicle servicing

Importance of vehicle servicing

Keep your ride in optimum health for better safety

You may be tempted to ignore vehicle service as it sometimes takes time and money. But keeping your vehicle in top form will ensure optimum driving performance and safety for all passengers.

Vehicle service goes beyond checking for wear and tear. And you better leave it to the pros as they have the correct tools to diagnose problems. Depending on the brand, servicing may be required every 5,000 up to 15,000 kilometres. Vehicle service generally covers the following:

• Oil change – Oil keeps the engine and its components running smoothly. Regular oil changes ensure the engine is in good health and increase gas mileage.

• Filters – Air, oil and fuel filters filled with dirt, dust and debris can cause damage to engine parts, leading to poor engine performance. Experts say changing filters is much more cost-effective than replacing engine parts.

• Engine – Engine tune-ups check the status of the engine parts that include spark plugs and wires, air filters, hoses, belts and others. Done regularly, these translate to reduced repair costs and higher fuel economy.

• Coolant – Avert breakdowns while driving in a deserted highway by having this inspected for leakage.

• Others – A full service will also include checking for corrosion or damage to the battery, steering wheel, brake pads and tyres, among others.

Vehicle service fees vary depending on the checks done. In the UAE, some car companies offer buyers of new cars free service up to 45,000 kilometres.

Handy Hints:

• Complete service history adds value to a vehicle

• Service fees vary depending on the checks done

• Servicing usually checks engine, filters and fluids

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Source: Ellen Joyce Soriano, Special to Classifieds

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