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Car Mechanic

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Auto repair shops dot the UAE. But you have to do your homework to ensure the one that you choose will give you the best service. How to make sure you are with the right shop? By considering the following:

• Certification - This will help you gauge the credibility of the car mechanic. If they are highly recommended by the people you trust, that works, too. An experienced and qualified mechanic will provide you with the best service.
• Costs - Canvass and compare repair service fees from different shops. Many shops offer written estimates for their customers. This will help you avoid unexpected surprises.
• Genuine spare parts - Check if the shop offers authorized spare parts. Repairs will be faster, less expensive and more accurate if you use authorized spare parts and accessories. Make sure that the mechanic is not going for aftermarket products.
• Transparency - Ask the auto shop mechanic to explain to you in layman’s terms the issues that need repair and the measures he will take to fix them. After all, you have to be clear about your vehicle’s condition.
• Warranty - Ask the mechanic for warranty on parts and services. Make sure the repair center offers guarantee/warranty in case of malfunctions or breakdowns of the replaced or repaired parts.

Noting down all these factors will help ensure your and your passengers’ safety on the road, and peace of mind.

Handy Hints
• Check the car mechanic’s qualifications, experience
• Ask and compare written estimates, diagnoses
• Ensure mechanics only use authorized spare parts

Source: Asha Das, Special to Classifieds
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Asha Das, Special to Classifieds