Do-it-yourself car detailing

Car detailing

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Perhaps the most likely of activities that motor buffs would engage in is cleaning and detailing their vehicles. These days, do-it-yourself kits are available in abundance in various petrol stations and supermarkets – an incredible news for car enthusiasts.

Professionals suggest starting with the carpets by scrubbing off tough dust and stains with a stiff brush. Loosened dirt can be vacuumed away easily afterward.

Handwash is the best technique to clean any car. A common blunder is to use a detergent instead of a car wash solution. Detergents can clean the car but can remove its protective wax coating, making its surface vulnerable to scratches and nicks. Use a rubber squeegee to clean patches of dirt smeared across the windshield and side windows, and to dry these surfaces.

Air pollutants and bird droppings are also big eyesores. The only way to get rid of them is by using chemical paint cleaners.

Oscillating buffers make your vehicle’s façade shine and improve its tone. This is called polishing, and some polishes contain wax which helps shield the paint from scratches.

The final touch-up is the cleaning of windows using a glass spray. A microfiber cloth helps in reaching tight corners. Avoid ammonia-containing sprays that are bad for the dashboard and smell nasty, too.

Handy Hints
Vacuum loosened dirt from the carpets and seats
• Use rubber squeegees to clean any glass surfaces
• Liquid wax protects paint against nicks, scratches

Source: Nandakumar Ganesh, Special to ClassifiedsThe writer is a freelancer