Clean and detail your car like a pro

Car detailing

Maintain your car’s stylish look in the comfort of your garage

Perhaps it’s about time you did an “overhaul” on your car so it would look new again. Here are tips on DIY detailing and maintaining it like a pro:

Interiors – Vacuum seats and floors. Use a brush or a portable air compressor to get dust and dirt out of hard-to-reach spots like airconditioning vents and console. Change the cabin air filter as dust and dirt usually stick here causing a musty smell. Slide seats forward and backward, and use a leather cleaning kit to clean the leather interiors. Use a steam cleaning device to remove germs and bacteria from upholstery. Wet vacuum is a must at least every change of season besides the usual vacuuming done by car washers.

• Exteriors – Handwash your car using a carwash solution to protect its coating. Rub a clay bar on the surface of the car to eliminate dirt and grime. Add a dollop of polish to a foam applicator and apply over the entire surface of the car in circular motion. Wipe it with a microfiber cloth. Apply liquid wax using the foam applicator, and wipe it clean. For windows, choose an ammonia-free cleaner to leave the glass clean and scratch-free.

• Tires – To remove dirt from tires, experts advise using non-acid cleaning solutions as acid-based cleaners can cause unpainted wheels to oxidize and leave painted wheels damaged. Degreasers can also be used on wheels.

• Odor neutralizer – Use absorbents or bio-enzyme chemicals to eliminate odor sources such as food spills. Also, liberally spray the car with an air freshener.

Handy Hints
•Easily clean your car with a few available essentials
•Polishing, waxing vital to keep shine of car exterior
•Small brushes to be used for hard-to-reach spots

Source: Bushra Hamedduding, Special to Classifieds
The writer is a freelancer

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