The nuts & bolts of car insurance


Getting insured does not mean ignoring safe driving habits

While there are several companies that try to sell you what they claim is an excellent cover for your vehicle, do consider the following while purchasing a car insurance:

• Know your requirements – insurance companies provide different levels of coverage. Some may be very basic; others could be excessive for your needs and too pricey. If you travel often to other GCC countries, it is worthwhile to get GCC coverage and vice versa. The hire-a-car option is beneficial if your car is in the workshop for repair. Choose an insurance that is just right for your needs.

• History – if you have a good history of driving, it will help lower your insurance premium. Some companies give “No Claims Bonus” on quotes if you have not been involved in accidents or have not claimed in previous years. The quotes will depend on how long you’ve had a UAE license. It also helps if you have a proof of license from the UK, US, or a European license valid for more than five years.

• Negotiate – compare quotes from at least two brokers (brokers can get you a good deal) as they buy in bulk. Check the costs when you buy directly from the principal company. It’s always better to buy from a reputed company even if it’s a bit expensive as it delivers what you are paying for in a hassle-free manner.

Keep in mind that insurance is only financial protection in case of an accident. Driving safely should become a habit as prevention is always the better option, for your safety and that of others.

Handy Hints
• Always compare quotes of car insurance from different brokers
• Choose an insurance plan meant for your needs
• A good driving history will give you lower premium

Source: Dipshikha Mitra, Special to Classifieds
The writer is a freelancer