Ensure that your vehicle is insured

Ensure that your vehicle is insured

Go over the fine print of your motor insurance policy

Vehicular accidents are sadly quite common in the UAE, where the huge mix of nationalities makes for a big difference in driving styles, even when the law is uniform. Hence, insuring your vehicle becomes an absolute necessity.

The most basic insurance cover required as per UAE law is the third party liability policy. This type of cover features insurance for the injury or death of any third party or individual, including damages. It does not cover damage or loss to your own vehicle.

The most highly recommended type of insurance coverage is comprehensive motor insurance. Damage to your vehicle caused by accidental collision, fire and other external factors including natural calamities, physical loss, third party bodily injury or third party property damage, agency repair, off-road cover and medical expenses involving the covered vehicle are usually included in a comprehensive plan.

In addition to what is usually covered, insurance companies also give you the option to have valet assistance when needed, cover and protected claims discount, GCC cover and more, at an extra cost. Some companies even include Qatar and/or Oman cover free-of-cost in comprehensive plans.

Terms vary depending on how old your vehicle is. Just make sure you understand everything about the plan you want, before signing any papers.

Handy Hints
• Third party liability insurance is compulsory in UAE
• The best plan is the comprehensive motor cover
• Additional benefits may be included at extra cost

Source: Lovely Claire CD, Special to Classifieds, The writer is a freelancer