Purchasing a secondhand car

Secondhand car

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Buying a brand new car is an exciting idea, but if the budget is tight, a pre-owned car will always be a smart choice.

The UAE is replete with car showrooms selling new and pre-owned vehicles, with the latter generally consisting of recent models of known brands but with differing mileage, service history and condition.

Individuals on the lookout for a used car can always purchase from an independent seller; however, experts advise approaching a reputable dealer. Most dealers sell secondhand cars that are highly refurbished to standards and have undergone thorough quality inspections to perform like brand new. They offer convenient financing, insurance and registration options. They even provide roadside assistance and a lot more.

However, before parting with your cash, it is always wise to fully inspect the vehicle to prevent frequent visits to your mechanic. Ensure you check the car’s exteriors for dents, scratches, fading paint and rust (this applies to all parts and corners); mileage (a higher number means more problems in the future); service history to see if maintenance was not neglected by the previous owner; and engine, engine oil and the noise that it makes when the ignition is turned on. Also, do not forget to choose one that suits the UAE roads.

Keeping all these in mind will ensure you get your money’s worth. After all, a used car is still considered an investment.

Handy Hints
• Choose a car that suits the UAE roads well
• Thoroughly check the vehicle before buying it
• Ensure to deal only with a reputable car dealer

Source: Alfred Ocianas, Special to ClassifiedsThe writer is a freelancer