Car customization: Know which add-ons add value to your car

Car Accessories

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Much like in fashion, car customization has become a trend among car owners to ‘dress up’ their vehicle with the latest add-ons and accessories which can actually add up to thousands of dirhams or more. If you’re keen on following this trend, answer this question first: is getting that add-on going to add value to your car?

While you may not be part of the extreme set including that Swedish guy who converted his 1973 Lincoln Continental into a replica of the Batmobile – a process which took more than three years and expenses amounting to USD1 million, be sure you’re doing the right thing especially if a future resale is in the horizon.

Do you want alloy wheels, backup cameras, a DVD entertainment system, a performance system package or some other add-ons? Do you still have doubts about what you should get for your car? Experts will tell you to steer clear of coffee-can mufflers that only add to back pressure; aftermarket badge engineering which does nothing to really improve car performance without any significant work on the brakes, suspension, powertrain and seats; chrome skid plates and brush guards which are really useful and necessary only if you engage in backwoods driving trips, do not pile them onto your SUV if you drive on normal or regular roads.

For additional equipment guaranteed to enhance vehicle performance and value, you might consider improvements on the navigation system, adding a sunroof or a moon roof (not a starlight roof, though), appropriate body kits, correctly-sized alloy rims/wheels, intelligent keys and the like. Keep moderation in mind when you start shopping for add-ons. You would want your car to look smart, not overdone and made up.

Handy Hints on car customization
• Coffee-can mufflers will only add to back pressure
• Consider improvements on the navigation system
• Keep moderation in mind when you shop for add-ons

Source: Lovely Claire CD, Special to Classifieds