Car Customization: Go ahead and tint ‘em windows

Window tinting

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Rule one of driving in the year-round Middle Eastern sunshine is to never ever do it without some degree of window tint. Never. Apply car customization.

The degree of tinting allowed according to current federal traffic regulations is 30% in a brown shade for all private cars. Any irregularities can result in the offender having his car reserved for a month and being half a grand short on cash. Any kind of tinting for public modes of transport and company cars is prohibited.

The benefits of window tinting go far beyond aesthetics. Depending on tint quality, it not only keeps out ultraviolet rays, but also aids in heat reduction inside the vehicle, prevents car interiors from fading, and reduces the dreaded glare.

Tinting technology has come a long way since black dyed tinting film. Hybrid tints like the Crystalline Film, Gen2 Films and Wavelength Selective Window Coating are so advanced that they contain more than 200 layers and are as slim, if not slimmer, than the average tinting film. Optical film technology ensures that almost all the sun’s infrared and ultraviolet rays are kept out of the car while letting 90% light into the car. The result: clear windows and cars that are almost 60% cooler.

With temperatures rising worldwide and the emphasis on all forward-looking technologies being on reducing the world’s carbon footprint, the contribution of these window tinting technologies cannot be overlooked. Cooler cars are inexorably linked with less air-conditioning usage and, thus, less emissions. Companies like V-Cool and 3M are popular choices for hybrid tints for consumers in the UAE.

Handy Hints on Car Customization
• 30% degree of window tint is allowed in the UAE
• Tinting of public and company vehicles prohibited
• Professional tint application is still the best choice






Source: Bushra Hameduddin, Special to Classifieds
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Source: Speciall to Classifieds