Car customization Tips: Modifying your Volkswagen - Oettinger GTI

If you’re thinking about modifying your Volkswagen (or just about any VW Group product barring high-end stuff from Lamborghini, Bentley and Bugatti) then you’re probably scanning PDF catalogues of ABT Sportsline. Consider this car customization tips. But German tuner Oettinger has been in the game for 60 years, making its mark on the VW Golf GTI with the first generation and its super-rare 16S model produced in factory partnership. That car was pretty special (any parts of it are traded like jewels on eBay) and used racing spark plugs shared with only one other production car of the time; the Ferrari F40.

Oettinger is still at it playing with every generation of Golf GTI right up to the latest Mk7 model, which has just received a full tuning package. As expected from Oettinger the kit includes aesthetic and performance mods, such as a new front spoiler, side skirts, and aggressive rear diffuser flanked by twin pipes either side. The special 19in wheels can be finished in black or silver, and the 2.0-litre motor gets a new intake system, ECU tuning, and new exhaust system for a peak of 350bhp—more than 130bhp over stock. Throw in the Oettinger suspension, brakes, and diff and you’ve got a giant-killer in your hands—a true 16S successor. There goes your car customization tips.